Words From A Few Of My Clients

  • Rene is a true professional. Very thorough, articulate and creative. He is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with. From Website design, graphics to art, He is tremendous. A true asset for any major brand. -Steve Steadham, Extreme Sports Pioneer and owner Stedmz stedmz.com
  • OptoSplash did a fantastic job of creating our website. Fast, highly professional, and well thought out. We are very pleased with the end results and they provided a super, very professional manual to teach us the ropes on how to update the website. They were active in finding us our domain name as well as a good host. I personally recommend OptoSplash for all your website and graphic needs. -M Bartell owner Texas Bar-B-Q Smokehouse Bar & Grill texbbqpuebla.com
  • I wasn't sure I needed a redesign but, with a quote from OptoSplash, I went for it, and now my incoming calls have doubled! I am extremely satisfied that I upgraded to a modern site. -D Baker MA,LPCC,LADC dakotatherapy.com
  • When I contacted Optosplash to inquire about a website upgrade, I never imagined what would transpire. I asked for a few bells and whistles, but I received gongs and blow horns! They created an absolutely amazing site for my business. I sincerely believe that my new website will play a significant role in energizing others to get involved and help launch my business into it's next phase. Optosplash staff were dedicated, available, hard working, and personally committed to ensuring an excellent product. They were a pleasure to work with and provided high quality work at a reasonable price. I strongly recommend contacting them if you are considering website design / upgrades. -P DeSanto MS,LSW,CPRP mnalternatives.com
  • OptoSplash designed a dedicated web site to sell my property in Texas. The photos, written descriptions and site navigation were incredible. In this market there was no way I could rely solely on a Realtor. Incorporating a really fantastic web page into the sales package did the trick! -J Gulick 1430bumpgate.com (home and property sold)
  • OMG! All it took was for me to make first contact! Of course, without having any experience in the process of getting a website for my venture started, I was as apprehensive as someone making first contact with an extraterrestrial life form! But, amazingly, all it took was for me to decide what I wanted and trust in this developer's ability to get the task done! Fueled with copious quantities of caffeine, the humanoid life form behind OptoSplash was able to craft something truly outstanding for me, I was so impressed I ran out of my home and shouted to the world in joy!! There are not enough words I can use to describe how exciting this was and how thankful I am to finally have a site which I can be proud of! Meanwhile, my self-righteous jerk of a brother-in-law, who said he could do a better job himself by using a drag and drop website builder, has to finally accept the fact that I have a super neat-o website and his looks like a web 1.0 mutation born from a mid-90's test tube!! I should have never let my sister marry the creep! OptoSplash, you rock! -You? :) Your Website dot Com