The Nuts & Bolts

These Are Among The Technologies Used To Build Your New Death Ray


Separating the presentation semantics from the markup language, all our designs apply pure CSS to present a company's website to their client base and customers with the ideal combination of art and functionality.


OptoSplash implements the use of varied Content Management Systems to back up our designs, giving a business owner the control of enhancing their websites with the fresh content needed to keep the public informed on solutions and products provided.


A widely used and popular scripting language, PHP gives a website the power to move away from the static and into the dynamic, thus enhancing a company's ability to reach out and communicate with their clients in fresh, innovative and modern ways.


An acronym for Linux (operating system), Apache (http server), MySql (database), Perl/PHP/Python (programming/scripting languages), LAMP provides the ideal cutting edge hosting environment for our website designs.


A cross-platform,open source JavaScript library licensed under the MIT License,jQuery was developed to help simplify the client-side scripting of HTML and is used by almost 80% of the top 10,000 visited websites worldwide.

It's the perfect tool to make your site more dynamic and engaging.