Out With The Old, In With The New!

Monday, March 31, 2014

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OptoSplash gets a facelift

Geez, has it been almost six years already since I last updated the design of this site? It's amazing how time flies! You know, often times a web developer's own site is the last to get worked on, clients keeping them busy, we're always running around like a chicken without our heads keeping up with emerging technologies, techniques and styles. We may design a spectacular website for a client, but our own may seem something from an age when Windows 98 was the one and only viable operating system out there for personal use; with blinking gifs, visitor counters and all!

When I finished the old OptoSplash site, I was incredibly proud, I loved the layout, it's structure, I spent countless days perfecting it, checking it for cross-browser compatibility, even as far back as Internet Explorer 5...god what a pain that was. And so, it is with a bit of a heavy heart I have to say goodbye to the old site and introduce the new OptoSplash.  I even decided to just delete all the old entries in my blog as well...so this is, in effect, the very first post for the revamped OptoSplash.

Times have changed, with the death of Windows XP looming, antiquated, finicky browser may become a thing of the past as new standards are implemented...that as long as MS doesn't do something to f*ck it up! No longer did I have to check how the site rendered in an ancient dinosaur of a browser, that's not exactly true, I did tweak it a bit for IE8, but I have to say, working on this has been fun...it always is when you're doing it for yourself and can express your own creativity in however many ways you see fit.

I also revamped the mobile version as well, making it far more intuitive and complimentary to the devices which are in everyone's hands today...that's another thing, with the advent of newer operating systems and faster networks, you have much more room to play then you did a few years ago. And let's face it, a website without a mobile version is really cutting itself off at the knees, as more and more people's primary means of navigating the interwebs isn't from a desktop, or even a laptop for that matter, it's from a smartphone.

With the site redesign came a rethinking of my branding as well, I wanted something simple and elegant, something which could convey the feeling of vision, flexibility while being intrinsically artistic and aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, I did well, I like it and that's good enough for me...at least at this point.

OptoSplash Logo Redesign

I've always wanted to be a designer who could give the average person a website they could be proud of, something which didn't require a large firm to work on, yet still appeared as if it had been. I will be continuing to do so by spending hundreds of hours just to make a client of mine smile and puff out their chest in pride  as friends, family, customers, fans look at their screens and say; "Now that is something!"

So, small business owners, bands, artists, no matter what it is that you do, if you need a site, get in touch, let's make something very cool together.

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